What we do

Cogmetrics is a provider of rich media e-learning and marketing solutions. Our integrated software suite combines best-of-breed tools for authoring highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers and operating systems. Our family of products streamline the process of creating rich Internet applications. Non technical business users can customize workflow to match company processes while designers can assemble and orchestrate media assets to match company brand.

Pairing technological innovation with industry know-how, Cogmetrics is an ideal partner to help you to take advantage of the new opportunities that have emerged and continue to emerge in the rich media landscape.

Streamlining the process

Building rich interactive web applications is faster and easier than ever before. Our integrated products work together to simplify and automate the creation process. Workflow is setup to define project tasks, participants and approval flows. Project participants then collaborate through our design workbench to quickly deliver high impact rich media solutions. Our software takes care of the workflow process, allowing content authors and designers to spend more time thinking about strategy and design.

Leveraging rich media

Using our centralized media asset library, you can quickly and easily assemble text, images, vector graphics and video to build highly intuitive and expressive user interfaces that put your business ideas into action. Our animation and interactivity toolset lets you take user experience to a whole new level, transforming passive applications into engaging rich media solutions that connect with users and capitalize on the opportunities that rich media brings.