LightStream E-Learning

Key benefits

Build compelling e-learning content quickly

Empower non-technical content authors to quickly create rich online courses using simple and intuitive software tools.

Improve effectiveness using high impact rich media

Turn passive viewers into active participants by creating more compelling and interactive experiences through the combination of audio, animation and video.

Reduce costs by reusing existing content

Locate and reuse course content and media assets by searching our metadata tagged repositories.

Reach a wider audience

No need for cumbersome downloads. LightStream E-Learning courses can be viewed on any web enabled device from desktop and netbook to PDA and mobile phone.

Allow students to learn at their own pace.

Bricks and mortar classroom tuition tends to be geared toward the average student. As a result, slow learners and dyslexics can find it difficult to keep up, while the faster learners become easily bored and lose concentration. Our e-learning solution overcomes this problem by giving the student complete control of the pace of tuition while also promoting important collaboration aspects of the traditional classroom through the use of virtual workshops.

Evaluate e-learning effectiveness

Access course effectiveness by analyzing quiz results and student survey feedback. Visualize results through customizable reports and charts.

Evaluate individual learner progress

Students can navigate through their learning path to track their own progress. By drilling down into each lesson, learners can analyze exercise and quiz results to determine which areas need greater attention. Results can be visualized through as combination of reports and charts.


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