LightStream E-Learning


Complete e-learning toolbox

Our LightStream E-Learning suite provides all the tools you need to create rich, engaging e-learning experiences that accelerate learning and increase student retention.

Media asset library

Manage your media assets from a single central location. Categorize your media assets for quick retrieval using metadata. Browse and locate the media you need to bring your course material to life.

Layout templates

Create professional templates that provide a consistent look and feel to your training material. Save your templates for later reuse.

Course content repository

Organize course content in our centralized repository. Tag course material with metadata for easily retrieval.

Lesson flow

Select and arrange course content to facilitate the learning process. Incorporate exercises and quizzes into the lesson flow to help retention of course material.

Learning path

Represent lesson flow graphical to enable students to easily navigate through course content and track their progress.

International support

Enable content authors to localize training material to extend your reach to international markets.

Stickynote annotations

Reviewers can add Stickynote annotations to your e-learning courses to request changes during the content authoring process. Reviewers need to approve both lesson content and visual design before your training material can be published.

Workgroup rooms for group discussions

Create virtual workgroups for students to discuss course material using text messaging or telephone conference calls. Teachers can monitor workgroups and contribute to discussions.


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